Select Labs of Marion County offers SelectWell

SelectWell delivers advanced cardiovascular and metabolic clinical test panels and assessments to delve beyond traditional biomarkers and provide a more accurate screening and risk recognition for metabolic conditions that can progress to disease. These advanced tests are designed to go beyond routine lab testing covered by insurance to help prevent, manage, and even reverse conditions from chronic inflammation to heart disease.

In addition to the Selectwell advanced cardio-metabolic testing, SelectWell’s clinical experts are available to support education and enhance awareness about one’s health status and empower individuals with the personal knowledge and insights to take appropriate action and address potential metabolic conditions and underlying risks.

Integrative Wellness Coaches are client-oriented and differ from traditional coaches because wellness coaching puts the client in charge.  Our coaches respect and value a client for who they are without judgement. A wellness coach does not tell clients what to do. They empower the client to set their own vision for what is optimal health and to achieve their own internal health goals.

SelectWell offers Epi proColon
Colorectal Cancer Screening Test

Are you one of the 40% of Americans who have declined a colonoscopy screening?

Colorectal is #2 Cause of Cancer Death, yet one of the Most Treatable Cancers when caught early.

Epi ProColon® is the only FDA approved blood test to screen for the risk of developing colorectal cancer.

  • Simple 15-minute blood draw
  • No stool sample handling or packaging
  • No unpleasant inconvenient prep
  • No anesthesia and no medical procedure

Epi proColon is not intended to replace a colonoscopy for diagnosing colorectal cancer.

Learn today what can be prevented tomorrow

SelectWell Family Heart Health Program

75% of those hospitalized for heart attacks had normal cholesterol levels and NO KNOWN RISKS for cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular disease is very complex, can be inherited, and impacted by lifestyle choices. It’s NOT simply lowering cholesterol.

Did you know Lipoprotein(a) is an inherited blood marker increasing your risk of heart attack by 3x? In fact, 20% of people have this blood marker and don’t know it.

Founded in solid scientific and clinical studies, the SelectWell Family Heart Health Program helps individuals gain personal knowledge about their heart health risks.


  • Simple 15-minute blood draw
  • One-on-one personal lab reviews
  • Understand more about your true risks
  • Learn options to improve your heart health

Learn today what can be prevented tomorrow


SelectWell Insulin Resistance / Diabetes / Metabolic Health Program

Recent studies found 40% of U.S. adults are now dealing with insulin resistance, where the body does not respond correctly to insulin, impacting one’s ability to process glucose, or use sugar for energy, and resulting in poor metabolic health.

Adults with insulin resistance have a significantly higher prevalence of chronic risk conditions impacting cardiovascular health, such as obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Presence of insulin resistance is a precursor to the development of diabetes and potentially fatal cardiovascular events.

The SelectWell Insulin Resistance / Diabetes / Metabolic Health Program helps individuals gain insights regarding their metabolic health, which is an important step toward understanding and preventing many chronic health conditions.

  • Simple 15-minute blood draw
  • One-on-One personal lab reviews
  • Understand more about your true risks
  • Learn options to improve your metabolic health

Learn today what can be prevented tomorrow

SelectWell Antioxidant and Nutrient Health Program

Most “age-related” diseases have origins in the imbalance of important antioxidants and nutrients, leading to widespread oxidative stress within your cells and triggering immune systems to always be “on”. This is state kown as InflammAging.

Studies show InflammAging is a risk factor for type II diabetes, cardiovascular and kidney disease, cancer, depression, and dementia (includes Alzheimer’s).

The SelectWell Antioxidant and Nutrient Health Program helps individuals achieve the right antioxidant and nutrient balance through diet and supplements.

  • Simple 15-minute blood draw
  • One-on-One personal lab reviews
  • Understand more about your true risks
  • Learn options to address InflammAging

 Learn today what can be prevented tomorrow.


SelectWell Integrative Wellness Coaching

95% OF ALL CHRONIC DISEASES can be attributed to lifestyle choices.

Lifestyle choices have the power to prevent, treat, and even REVERSE many chronic diseases.

With today’s hectic world, implementing and maintaining the right lifestyle choices can seem impossible. Eating healthier, sleeping better, moving more, reducing stress, focusing on true purpose can be difficult and often fail over the long run.

A Nationally Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach can make these changes easier by working with you to develop and realize your optimal health vision through a process of inquiry, personal discovery, and accountability.

  • Integrative Wellness addresses the whole person
  • Integrative Wellness focuses on all aspects of health and wellness
  • Integrative Wellness explores what is most important to the client
  • Integrative Wellness lets the client choose their course of action

Learn today what can lead to lasting change tomorrow.

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Selectwell's Three Steps To Know Your Health

Step: 1

Health Risk Assessments

  • Sample collection will be scheduled at your local service site and processed in our laboratory
  • Physical measurements, family history, and testing help identify hidden chronic condition risks
  • Follow-up scheduled testing to measure health progress as deemed appropriate

Step: 2


  • Secure portal provides test results review
  • Test reports offer test explanation, associated risks, and considerations
  • Ability to share digital and printable reports with health care providers

Step: 3


  • Clinical expert review to support education and sharing test reports with healthcare professionals
  • Access to Integrative Wellness Coaches to discover best course of action for personal wellness
  • Ability to monitor progress with Blu-Tooth enabled tracking devices

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What to expect

Our staff will make the collection process as safe, quick, and comfortable as possible while safeguarding your dignity and privacy.

When visiting the lab, you should bring:

  • A photo ID (for example, a driver’s license or employee identification badge)
  • A health spending account card, credit card, or debit card

Children must be supervised at all times while at our labs.