SLP offers its own proprietary, cloud-based, intuitive, easy to use, and flexible Lab Information System. Our SelectIS® system has advanced functionality specifically designed for SLP Management Programs. The system is ideally suited for both drug screening and confirmation labs. The SelectIS® system allows users to customize the application based on each practice’s workflow and specific needs. SelectIS® is available with options for additional analyzer interfaces, label printers, barcode readers, as well as, modules for remote viewing and remote requisition entry. A custom HL7 interface between SelectIS® and the practice’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and/or billing system can also be implemented if needed.

Wherever you have access to the Internet, you have access to SelectIS®

Two primary versions of SelectIS® are available, but there are numerous ways to setup and use the system to support your lab workflow.  All versions have post-installation options for additional instrument interfaces, label printers, barcode readers, as well as, the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) interface, Client Access Module (remote report viewing), Client Requisition Module (remote requisition entry) and billing interface.

SelectIS® is a cloud-based informatics at its best that can be accessed from wherever you are. You, as the lab expert, can choose the features of SelectIS® that allow you to optimize your workflow. Our goal is to provide you with the LIS features that you need to run your lab effectively and efficiently.

  • Optimized system setups: preloaded, validated information
  • Superior customer support and responsiveness in conjunction with cloud technology
  • High flexibility: Customer feedback translates into new functionality
  • Gateways store local data; no traditional archiving needed
Feature Description for Two Primary Versions of SelectIS® SelectIS®/S SelectIS®/C
Optimized for routine clinical labs & drug screening X X
Cloud-based system → remote access from any location with Internet access X X
No additional server hardware needed X X
End-to-end data encryption and other security features X X
Patient data entry X X
Patient requisition entry X X
Result entry (automated & manual) X X
Verify, approve, reject entered results X X
User customized reports X X
Customized profiles for different clients X X
Customized panels for different workflows X X
Normal ranges/cutoffs based on gender X X
Automatic faxing of reports from the system X X
Support for single label printer, incl. different barcode formats X X
Support for barcode reading X X
Quality Control module with Levey Jennings reporting X X
Approve and reject control results X X
Optimized interfaces to selected chemistry analyzers X X
Automated backups with no down time X X
Optimized for definitive drug confirmation testing X
Optimized for High Volume Processing X
High scalability → system can grow with business X
Barcode supported fast requisition entry (batch mode) X
Support for confirmation as reflex testing from screening X
Patient history on reports X
Pain Management drug reporting X
Optimized interfaces to definitive drug confirmation testing systems (LC-MS/MS) X
Remote client access for report viewing X
Automatic addition of confirmation tests based on medications X
Automatic reflex to confirmation tests from positive screening X

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